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Commercial Architecture Brentwood

Commercial Architect Brentwood Tennessee

We’ve been blessed to help develop Commercial Architectural design plans in the Brentwood and Middle Tennessee region for over 30 years!

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Complete Commercial Design Architect

Brentwood has an incredible tradition of world class businesses and industry. If you are a local business looking to design your first retail space or remodel an existing location, W. Michael Davis is the commercial Architect that you should be looking to for your commercial design needs.    Franchisee’s? National Businesses? Michael is a master at crafting designs that incorporate both your national identity with a decidedly Nashville and Brentwood feel.  Move forward knowing that your design budget will be kept on track while exceeding your expectations.


Commercial Plan Alterations?

Whenever commercial architectural plans are created, they will undoubtedly require some alterations at some point. The team at W. Michael Davis can alter any existing plans to gain the last 5 or 10% of the project that makes it a complete success.


Typical Brentwood Commercial Building Styles

Closely related to Southern plan styles, Brentwood has it’s fair share of Colonial House plans. Like it’s Southern counterpart, the Colonial style house plan features a gabled roof, shutters, columns and a siding made of wood or brick. Colonial homes are most commonly laid out in a rectangular fashion with equal square footage found on each of it’s 2 stories and noted for the symmetry on the face of the house, equally balancing the windows on each side. While these homes may resemble those that our forefathers built, you can be sure that todays Colonial homes are packed with all the modern amenities and luxuries that the modern home owner has come to expect.

Craftsman House Plans In Brentwood

If you like simpler forms and a very custom crafted character than you may be searching for a Craftman Style home Plan. It’s among the most popular in residential home plans in Middle Tennessee and can be very aesthetically appealing with a hand crafted  look, rich in natural building materials like stone or exposed wood. They are particularly well suited to the current trend of very open floor plans, but still often include nooks for a private/public feel and make fantastic spaces for entertaining. Feel free to contact us to see any of our custom Craftman Style plans or begin work designing your dream Craftman home!


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