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W. Michael Davis

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We’ve been blessed to help develop Commercial Architectural design plans in the Brentwood and Middle Tennessee region for over 30 years! Contact us today for a free quote!

Commercial Architectural Design

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Brentwood has an incredible tradition of world class businesses and industry. If you are a local business looking to design your first retail space or remodel an existing location, W. Michael Davis is the commercial Architect that you should be looking to for your commercial design needs. Franchisee’s? National Businesses? Michael is a master at crafting designs that incorporate both your national identity with a decidedly Nashville and Brentwood feel. Move forward knowing that your design budget will be kept on track while exceeding your expectations.

Perfecting a design

commercial tenant build-out & alteration?

Whenever commercial architectural plans are created, they will undoubtedly require some alterations at some point. The team at W. Michael Davis can alter any existing plans to gain the last 5 or 10% of the project that makes it a complete success.