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Whether your looking to create a tailored retail space or a professional business office, we can pull together the perfect design for your business.

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With over 30 years building homes in the Brentwood, Nashville and Franklin Area, W. Michael has the experience needed to make your project a complete success!

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When you have created house plans in Middle Tennessee for 30+ years, you are bound to have some on file.  We do, about 13,000 of them!

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More about Brentwood Architects

Some of our most commonly asked questions.

What is Residential Architecture?

Residential Architecture, or Domestic Architecture, is the focused design of buildings used to house individuals. Brentwood, TN Residential Architecture projects can include the design of new, and the renovation/remodel of, multi-unit residential buildings (apartment complexes, duplexes) as well as single-family buildings (houses and condominiums). Unlike Commercial Architecture, necessities like heating and air tend to be designed from an aesthetically pleasing standpoint instead of a utilitarian standpoint.

What is Commercial Architecture?

In the strictest of definitions, Commercial Architecture¬†is the design of a non-residential structure¬†for a place of business such as a retail store or¬†office park. A Tennessee Commercial Architect has the challenge of meeting both the current needs and future needs of a growing business’ space requirements all while ensuring that the design of the building is as unique as the business itself.¬†Collaboration with other building professionals is a key part of the Commercial Architects job. Engineers, Constructions Contractors, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects are a few of the people that a Commercial Architect will be involved with once all is said and done.

Custom Residential Home Plans in Brentwood, TN

Whether you’re in the Residential Home Business and looking to partner with a Residential Architect or looking to build your own home,¬†unique from the floor plans currently offered in your area, you’ll find the Architect you’ve been looking for in W. Michael Davis. Knowing where to start on your custom project can be overwhelming but with a large portfolio to inspire you and a knowledgable, experienced Architect with a passion for individual design, we’ll help turn you’re dreams into a reality. You’re bound to love the results of your finished project.

Brentwood Home Floor Plans

There are a lot of different types of home floor plans to consider. Exploring styles can be a great place to start when trying to determine what kind of house will best suit you. Maybe your style falls more in line with a Craftsman House Floorplan which uses lots of natural materials like wood and stone. Or maybe a Modern House Floorplan is more to your liking with clean lines¬†and lots of natural light. ¬†Whatever your style, you’ll want to figure out what kind of square footage you’re looking to have and at what price point. In Brentwood, TN the average home has 4,160 sq. ft. and lists at $154 per sq. ft. For more information like this on the Brentwood, TN housing area you can visit Realtor.com here.